Great Beginnings Montessori Nursery School in Marylebone, London

Practical Life

Practical life activities help the child to perfect skills needed for everyday life, for example pouring, tying laces and laying a table. The child is involved in these activities throughout their time at school. They are attracted by the precise movements, the step-by-step approach from start to finish and the individual effort that they put into the activities culminating in the joy of completed work.

Practical life activities lay the foundation for all other sensorial, language, mathematics and culture work that they will do at school by:

  • aiding the growth of independence - ‘help me to do it by myself’
  • enabling the child to develop co-ordination of movement
  • enabling the child to develop concentration - through repetition of activity
  • helping the child to adapt to his culture - use of knife and fork, chopsticks etc.